Reflected – Ian Lee (Cybersoul)

Wujidat – ABADIR & Pie Are Squared (Akuphone)

Código Jondo – Tránsito (Samain)

Born Twice – Rork

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance)

Family – Melt

Claudio Crispo – Bring To Mind ( 2013)

Quino – Up to you (2012)

E mc2 – Him to the silence

Diarmo – The Bends (2012)

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance)

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance)

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance) / The Slow Music Movement – 2020
Music video for the ambient track “Merak (Peakcock Dance) of Wu Cloud for his Pulsa Rimba debut LP, produced mainly in Sumatra and released on The Slow Music Movement

When nature meets electronics in a tropical electronic haze.
Video made with recordings of live visuals and bit of editing. Using photos from Wu Cloud in Sumatra and footages/photos that I’ve shot in Brazil plus some recordings from an analogue video synths.

Using two softwares (modul8 and madmapper) for live visuals, with bespoke settings for that project, audioreactive and visual.

Wu Cloud, producer

The Slow Music Movement, label