Reflected – Ian Lee (Cybersoul)

Wujidat – ABADIR & Pie Are Squared (Akuphone)

C├│digo Jondo – Tr├ínsito (Samain)

Born Twice – Rork

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance)

Family – Melt

Claudio Crispo – Bring To Mind ( 2013)

Quino – Up to you (2012)

E mc2 – Him to the silence

Diarmo – The Bends (2012)

VJ set at Visual Brasil 2017

VJ set at Visual Brasil 2017

Here’s a two extracts from my vj set at Festival Visual Brasil alongside the great set of Miret. There was a unplanned massive glitch. Had to improvise with it, was fun, could even control it bit.
Unfortunately the SD card of my camera got full, so I just have a few minutes of recording.