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Essence is the Future/Atomic – Countif

Extract from the music video I’ve done for the track Essence is the Future from the EP Atomic by Countif


Video part of the audiovisual EP. a collaboration with also 3 others visuals artists BenSmith @anotherbensmith, Emily Bailey @emilybaileyvisuals, Tom Brown @tombrownvisual to create a video for each of the tracks of the release. We worked together to explore the themes and used as a base, the same set of footages.

Music video done mixing different techniques, content created in cinema 4D and after effects, then visuals recorded live with madmapper and modul8, and final edit with premiere.

Project inspired by the work of Timothy Morton and the concept of hyperobjects.

‘Atomic’ is about the tension in the relationship between the individual and the bigger system within which they’re a part. This is inspired by Timothy Morton and the concept of hyperobjects, things that are vast in time and space but within which we are a part and are affected by all the time, such as climate change.

Full video here:


Wujidat – ABADIR & Pie Are Squared – 2021

Dystopian Egyptian project Wujidat from ABADIR & Pie Are Squared.

“It’s 2120, it’s been 10 years since the WHO’s latest health guidelines signaled the end of music. Noises over 30 dB are no longer allowed, and global governments have imposed strict laws to ensure that these regulations are enforced. Noise detectors are now planted everywhere, and noise levels are subject to constant surveillance…..”

Music video made with archive footages and glitch effects in after effects.

Release on label Akuphone

Código Jondo -Tránsito / Samain – 2020

Music video made with archives footages, live visuals and editing.
Codigo Jondo is the collaboration between music producer Castora Herz and flamenco singer & poet Juan El Juana

Release on label Samain
Iberian Future Folk


Born Twice – Rork – 2020

Encounter with weird space creatures on a bouncy and catchy melodic techno track.
The video was made with live visuals, without editing. I’ve recorded several runs until I was happy with the result.
I’m using mainly two 3D clips done in cinema4D and two softwares (modul8 and madmapper) with bespoke settings for that project, audio-reactive and visual.

Track Rork by Born Twice, French duo of producers/DJs

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance) / The Slow Music Movement – 2020

Music video for the ambient track “Merak (Peakcock Dance) of Wu Cloud for his Pulsa Rimba debut LP, produced mainly in Sumatra and released on The Slow Music Movement

When nature meets electronics in a tropical electronic haze.
Video made with recordings of live visuals and bit of editing. Using photos from Wu Cloud in Sumatra and footages/photos that I’ve shot in Brazil plus some recordings from an analogue video synths.

Using two softwares (modul8 and madmapper) for live visuals, with bespoke settings for that project, audioreactive and visual.

Wu Cloud, producer

The Slow Music Movement, label


Family – Melt (Next Century Records 010, 1997) / unoffical music video. 2020

Music video done for Oncet, underground and forgotten music for sale and with the video aspect used to help record diggers to find out unknown records before buy, the intro and outro are cut off on purpose.

The video is made with live visuals, mixing self-made clips of 2D and 3D elements. Finished in Aug 2020.


Scherzo Dub – High Pockets (official video) / Basilar Records – 2016

Music video for the track Scherzo Dub from High Pockets from the album Life is Jazzy Now released on Basilar Records in July 2016.
It’s a dialogue between shapes, colours and music.
The video was made with live visuals and filmed against a wall. It was filmed in one take and then edited a bit.
The serie of clips are layered and changed in real-time using the software Modul8 and Madmapper.

All clips are made with hand-drawn animation.
It’s part of a wider project called From Lines to Circles where I produce and use just abstract animations for live visuals.

Listen to Life is Jazz now
High Pockets
Label: Basilar Records

16.7 hours

16.7 hours of day light on the summer solstice in London. Colours created from sunrise until sunset cross the screen as the day passes by.
7.3 hours of artificial light, the man made sun is celebrated when darkness rises.
Video presented at CIVICTV83 presents VIDEosonic RITUALS (2013) and made in honour of the Summer Solstice.
The video is made mixing live visuals and video.
music: Diarmo “Anyways”
video: Diarmo and l’Aubaine

Claudio Crispo – Bring To Mind / 2013

Video made with live visuals
Music: Claudio Crispo – Bring To Mind
Label: Basilar Records

Quino – Up to you / 2012

Video made with live visuals using Modul8
Music: Quino – Up to you from Lost Transmission EP [Basilar 003]
Label: Basilar Records

Diarmo – The Bends / 2012

Experimental trip, exploding colourful planets, hypnotizing melodic techno.
Video made with live visuals.
music: Diarmo – The Bends
Label: Basilar records

Diarmo – Suitable for  / 2012

Music video I’ve done for Diarmo’s track ‘Suitable for…’ from the Amber EP released on Basilar Records 2012.
The video was shoot on a train ride in Switzerland, before and after Sion (Valais) in December 2011.
music: Diarmo – Suitable for
Label: Basilar records

Diarmo – Tuch / 2011

Music: Diarmo
Video made with stop-motion animation

E mc2 – Him to the silence

Video shot in a remote chapel in the beautiful region of the Alt Camp, Catalunya/Spain.

Can I Call You

I’ve collaborated with E MC2 by doing live visuals during her performances. That video was edited in real-time by using the clips that I also used during live performances.

Music and voice: Eli McCarthy



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