Teaser Back to the Universe

Here’s a teaser from my VJ set Back to the Universe that I’ve presented to be selected for the VJ contest at Art Vision at Circle of Light in Moscow. For the contest I’ve used the more less the same clips and added a video synth for my live performance.

The footage of the teaser is all coming from Chef the Party, a Sunday daytime party, 4 Aug 2019 in Five Miles where with my friend Untitl3D we VJed from 10am-10pm alongside a great selections of DJs.
In the edit I didn’t keep the original audio, the quality wasn’t great, instead I’ve put a track Free Floating from Daniel Avery.

Back to Universe is a trip with different types of encounters on the way mixing 3D and 2D animations, flat graphics and mesh deformations. Organic shapes, space worms following us, the space like an expressionist painting, explosion of matter, explosion of colours, crossing meteorites, clouds, stars, particles systems with primary shapes, as an expression of new life.


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