Reflected – Ian Lee (Cybersoul)

Wujidat – ABADIR & Pie Are Squared (Akuphone)

Código Jondo – Tránsito (Samain)

Born Twice – Rork

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance)

Family – Melt

Claudio Crispo – Bring To Mind ( 2013)

Quino – Up to you (2012)

E mc2 – Him to the silence

Diarmo – The Bends (2012)

Studio Sova #18 :: Third Ear Takeover

Studio Sova #18 :: Third Ear Takeover

Live visuals alongside DJ sets of Lorca music, Saint Thomas Ledoux (streaming live from the US),
Sam Watson and a live from Marija, from the label Third Ear Recordings
Recorded in person at the studio Sova, without any audience, London, 19 June 2021.

Studio Sova #18 :: PART 1 :: Lorca

Studio Sova #18 :: PART 3 :: Sam Watson + L’Aubaine

Studio Sova #18 :: PART 2 :: Saint Thomas LeDoux

Studio Sova #18 :: PART 4 :: Marija

From March 2020, the covid19 pandemic, set up a major change in the events landscape, moving everything online.
You will find in the STREAMING category, a selection of visuals I’ve created. Sometimes it was live recording, sometimes live streamed, the content was prepared beforehand and sometimes, properly a real-time live streaming.