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  • 25/05/2021

From March 2020, the covid19 pandemic, set up a major change in the events landscape, moving everything online.
Here’s a selection of events where I created the visuals, sometimes it was live recording, sometimes live streamed, the content was prepared beforehand and sometimes, properly a real-time live streaming.

Studio Sova #18 :: Third Ear Takeover

Studio Sova #18 :: PART 3 :: Sam Watson + L’Aubaine

Studio Sova #18 :: PART 1 :: Lorca + L’Aubaine

Live visuals alongside dj sets of Lorca music, Saint Thomas Ledoux
Sam Watson and a live from Marija, from the label Third Ear
Live streaming at Studio Sova, London, 19 June 2021
All the sets are here

Aitor Baena & L’Aubaine – Eclipse Lunar Season2 Episode10

Premiered on the 6th August 2021. @eclipselunartechno is online series pairing techno DJs and VJs.
A journey through techno at 133bpm with visuals mixing 3D, 2D and footages of urban and naturual landscapes with a dominant of red and black, but not only, to fit with the style of eclipselunar.

Alexis x L’Aubaine | Live at Venue MOT

The first video in our MOT series features a forward thinking live DJ set from Alexis, tracing a path from deep techno explorations to high energy breakbeat, whilst effortlessly blending techniques and movements.

Projection mirrored on 2 walls. Recorded without audience in June 2020. Premiered 31 July 2020.

Charles Vaughan x L’Aubaine at Venue MOT

Part venue MOT series from Resolution events, doing live visuals alongside the intense and explorative DJ set of Charles Vaughan.
Projection mirrored on 2 walls. Recorded without audience in June 2020. Premiered in March 2021.

GLXY DJ Set – visuals by L’ Aubaine (UKF On Air: Hyper Vision) – live streamed 24 July 2020

Harriet Jaxxon DJ Set – visuals by L’aubaine (UKF On Air: Hyper Vision) – live streamed on 3 July 2020

Technical explanation
For GLXY and Harriet Jaxxon sets, it was made with 1h non-stop of live visuals, mixing analogue video synth and digital techniques 2D, 3D, audio reactive. And post-edition to have the visuals on a white wall. Keying out the background behind Harriet Jaxxon, to place the visuals in the back of her. For GLXY, the keying was impossible to do properly, it’s for that reason that the visuals are on top of the djs, using different blending modes.


the world’s biggest digital venue for music & art from the team behind Glastonbury’s Shangri-La & Sansar. Online and VR festival.

Visuals for dj sets of Hito and Kittin – live streaming on 29 Dec 2020

(no videos available on youtube), to check on my instagram. (teaser used for the event where you can see the visuals.

Archie Hamilton DJ set – Lost Horizon Festival | @Beatport Live – 4 July


Sova #14 @sovaaudio live streamed on the 5 Dec 2020, where was vjing live and remotely alongside 3 great DJ vinyl sets of Iggy @mikeyfunkyiggy, Jade Seatle @jadeseatle, Laylla Dane @laylladane
You can watch the whole stream on youtube or edited per sets on

VJing remotely and live streamed required to think a bit differently and to adapt to the situation, latency, lost connection, computer struggling… :). Fun experience.

University of Tropical Sounds / Special Middle East & North Africa II – Streaming 29 Nov 2020

Guedra Guedra – كدرة كدرة  with L’Aubaine @Middle East & North Africa Livestream Special, 3 July 2020

Sharouh w/ visuals by L’Aubaine @ Middle East & North Africa Livestream Special, 3 July 2020

Technical explanations for the videos done for Middle East & North Africa Livestream Special

The event was streamed live with videos that were prepared beforehand.

First the DJs recorded their sets, by video, or just audio at home, in a studio, wherever they wanted. Then, the visual artists we received the video or audio of the DJ set.

Here are some steps:
– Listening to the set several time to get the feel and to get inspired.
– Creating new content that fit with the music.
– Organising the content in the VJ software, practising the VJ set (live visuals)
– Recording the VJ set in one go, non-stop. Redoing it if there was too many mistakes.
– Editing the final video, with VJ set, the DJ set (video or just audio) and syncing with the audio. Editing also by adding some effect, blending mode, etc or fixing up some bits, etc, adding the overlay with name, logos, etc…
– Exporting.
– Uploading
– Sleeping

For this type of work, it’s easily 3 days full time of work.
I’ve used footage that I’ve shot in Morocco, and made more abstract animations in after effects.

Chromatouch Dome Live Stream in 360° – 28 Aug 2020

In Lieu of The Shambala Festival being unable to happen in 2020 this is a livestream featuring some of the artists who would have played, and a chance to get immersive anyways…

Morocco – AV narrative piece at IKLECTIK [off-site] presents, 16 May 2020.

presented in real-time, live streaming
Performance starting at 1:38:20, after Mowgli and Leon Trimble’s performances.

Born Twice & L’Aubaine at Dance Culture
Dance culture – Saturday Night Lockdown – 04.04.20

Here’s my VJ set alongside beautiful melodic techno DJ set of Born Twice.
The DJ and VJ sets were in real-time, live streamed. The recording of the visuals, were done projecting it on the wall and recording with a camera. And the dj set, was also recorded separately.
Online there was latency and many cuts.

Full set, with about 10min missing of the live visuals in the middle, but there’s some footages from the viewer’s side.

Dance culture – online multichannel party on Saturdays during coronavirus crisis.

Born Twice
instagram @born_twicemusic