Showreel 2019

Finally a new showreel. Haven’t done one since 2015.
Selection of works from 2016 to 2019.

Including VJing on multi-screens and one surface, fulldome, immersive, live mapping, projection mapping, and varied settings: clubbing, events, outdoor festivals, etc.. and in different parts of Europe.

I’ve chosen to keep the original sounds, even of the quality is sometimes a bit low, to hear the different genre of music from techno to neo classical and mainly from dj sets and live sets.

Differents techniques: Mixing analogue and digital, just analogue with video synths, 2D animations, 3D animations, hand-drawn animations, graphics, illustrations, videos, photos.

Softwares: modul8, madmapper, after effects, cinema 4D, premiere, photoshop, illustrator, ipad app for stop motion.

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