Reflected – Ian Lee (Cybersoul)

Wujidat – ABADIR & Pie Are Squared (Akuphone)

Código Jondo – Tránsito (Samain)

Born Twice – Rork

Wu Cloud – Merak (Peakcock Dance)

Family – Melt

Claudio Crispo – Bring To Mind ( 2013)

Quino – Up to you (2012)

E mc2 – Him to the silence

Diarmo – The Bends (2012)

Morocco – AV at IKLECTIK [off-site]

Morocco – AV at IKLECTIK [off-site]

Morocco is an audiovisual narrative piece.
It was presented in real-time live streaming, on 16 May 2020.
Performance starting at 1:38:20, after Mowgli and Leon Trimble’s performances.

Morocco is a journey composed with impressions, memories, anecdotes from that beautiful country. The story is narrated live by using short clips which are a mix of hand-drawn animations, pattern drawings and video. The hypnotic rhythm of the music, the movement, the moving patterns and colours make the audience create their own journey. It was premiered in 2015 at Iklectik and since it has been presented from London to Montevideo. It’s also a journey through music. It’s been presented twice with Visiting Cat playing live music plus their track especially made for this project. For this online edition, the soundtrack mixes electronic tracks with arabic flavour from friends and gnawa music.