Complementary video and sound with L’Aubaine

What I’ve been up to the past 5 months and the lockdown. Experimentations and moving to online streaming events.
Article written by Andrew Rowe @slatepipe in a continuous flow of consciousness style.

Andy has been interviewing experimental artists to see how they managed their practice during this period. Check his other articles.

Complementary video and sound with L’Aubaine

Audiovisualcity interview – 2019

Interview from Audiovisualcity about my background, VJing, technology, VJLondon
Link to the interview in audiovisualcity

Mannheimer Morgen, Freitag, 15.03.2019

Article publish after Unkonzert, at B-Seite festival in Mannheim, where I performed amongst 7 vjs and 7 jazz musicians.
Article online

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