Live mapping contest – LPM Rome 2018


Live mapping contest – 1st round.
LPM 8 June – Mattaoio, Rome
Organised by Video Mapping Mexico.

5 minutes to set up, 5 minutes to perform.
For the first round we can choose the music.

I’ve been selected for the final. Video coming soon.
In the final, the music is a surprise and mixed by Niño Arbol.

What is live mapping?
It’s a projection mapping done live.
The mapping of the building is prepared in advance by defining the different areas of the architectural characteristics. Some clips are also prepared in advance to fit that specific mapping.
Then the performance is live (5 minutes), meaning improvising by mixing the clips in sync with the music.
I’m my case, I’m controlling 2 softwares at the same time (modul8 and madmapper), triggering, layering, combining clips from the 2 softwares. And changing the content in all the differents surfaces of the buildings (columns, arches, upper, middle, lower section, left, right, middle building, etc). It’s a lot to do at the same time.

Track: Stavroz – Gold Town (Original Mix)

Cameras: Liliana Resende
Laurie Bender.. I left the camera on the table and someone sat just in front of it!


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