Selection of AV narratives

Selection of Live Narrations/Live Cinema projects. These projects expressed a deeper side of my concerns developing themes such as immigration, urbanization politics, psychology and travel using the visual language with loops and layers as for my VJ sets. I like also to explore non-linear and linear narration in real time.

Morocco is a colourful road trip mixed with impressions, memories, landscape, people and pattern from that beautiful country. The story is narrated live by using short clips made with hand-drawn animations, drawings, video and a bit of text.
It’s also a trip through music. It can be presented with Visiting Cat, duo composed by producers Diarmo and High Pockets, performing live electronic with ethnic influence or it can be presented with a recorded soundtrack.

Here's an extract from "Morroco" presented at the I'klectik in March with diarmo & High Pockets doing the music live.Next week I'll present that piece LPM Live Performers Meeting but with a recorded soundtrack this time. Still gonna sound good, mixed by Diarmo. "Morroco" story of trip composed with impressions, memories, anecdotes from that beautiful country. It’s a also a trip through the music, the colours, the art, the people and the landscape.The story is narrated live by using short clips which are a mix of hand-drawn animations, drawings and video.

Posted by L'Aubaine visuals on Sunday, May 24, 2015



Flexible, Responsible & Multi-task”, a work based on the concept of Liquid Modernity of Zygmunt Bauman.
Liquidity is a metaphor describing the post-modernity which is synonym of change, liberalization of the markets, deregulation, etc… Solids retain their shape and last in time meanwhile liquids are shapeless and transform constantly.

In a liquid society, unpredictable and constantly changing, the work has become uncertain, short-term and unreliable. We have to be flexible, individualistic and insensitive to change jobs, teams, projects without being too affected.
In a pragmatic and cold professional world, where everything is measured in cost and benefit, we are used and thrown away as spare parts. We have no more trust, loyalty and commitment to the employers.
Fragmented lives, fear, no long-term plans, we have no perspective in the future and we have lost ties with the community, traditions and solidarity.

It’s presented live with Diarmo playing live his tracks.



Deconstruction is a live audio/visual performance telling the story of a girl who learns that her house is going to be pulled down. It’s a trip into an urban nightmare.

The music by Fernando Lagreca is live techno/minimal made only with hardware instruments.



En Movimiento (in Movement) talks about immigration and emotions, it’s based on an interview done to 20 person from different origins living in Barcelona. The video is set up in the metro of Barcelona which is use as a metaphor of displacement and its inner repercussion. The dimension of movement is reinforced by the music, an electronic dub, deep and captivating.

Presented with live video and live electronic dub by Manintheattic (disboot)


(Deriva’s shore) – 2006. Interactive video.

Is the story of a girl’s drifting from one place to another, in urban and natural environments and passing through different emotional states. She is also being persecuted but it’s not clear if this person exists or is fruit of her imagination.
The series of emotional states which the protagonist goes through are the real narrative thread of story.

Build the girl’s story en real-time and discover through her journey, a metaphor of an inner trip through different area of the protagonist’s psyche.

The interactive video was built in Flash.

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