• 30/08/2023
portrait of L'Aubaine

L’Aubaine (Laurie Bender) is a visual artist and performer, exploring the interconnection between image and sound, projections into the spatial dimension, as well as different narrative forms.

She performed in many set ups from underground raves, club nights to big festivals in UK and continental Europe, adding real-time and audio-reactive visuals to electronic music.


L’Aubaine (Laurie Bender) is a visual artist and performer from Geneva (CH), based in London. For over 15 years, she has been exploring the interconnection between real-time visuals and sound, projections into the spatial dimension, as well as different narrative forms.

She performed in many set ups from underground raves, club nights to big festivals in UK and continental Europe, as a live visual artist and professional VJ. She’s been adding real-time and audioreactive visuals to electronic music (DJ sets and live acts), in Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Le Zoo/Usine (CH), Splice festival (London), E1 club, Outernet, Manchester Pride, Art Vision VJ contest (Moscow), Visual Brasil (ES), etc. She also been VJing for big shows and club nights using provided content such as Partiboi69 (Printworks, 2022), Or:la (Sonar Festival, 2022).

Laurie was one of the three visual artists featuring in Resident Advisor (RA), Art + Sound published in Oct 2021. Commissioned to create an audiovisual piece, added with interviews and showcasing her work flow and inspiration.

She was also one of the four visual artists to participate to Prada Extends, event curated by Richie Hawtin at the Tate, London in Nov 2021.

She did live visuals alongside of the live sets of Mathew Johnson, Kai Campos, DJ sets of Gerd Janson, Goldie, Chaos in CBD, OK Williams, Âme b2b Røhåd, Amelie Lens, Egyptian Lover, Forest Drive West, Pearson Sound, Altern8, Antigone. SHXCXCHCXSH, and many more.

L’Aubaine also loves projecting out of the simple rectangular screen with multi-screens, projection mapping and in immersive environments (fulldome, 360°).
She participated with live and recorded projection mapping in Genius Loci Weimar (DE), Serum Light Festival (SK), Live Mapping Contests at LPM, projected live visuals in the dome in Shambala festival.

She brings you on a seamless visual journey, creating composition live like a painter on her canvas. Organic, graphical, abstract or figurative, she crafted her unique style over the years, mixing self-produced content, using analogue and digital techniques, 2D, 3D, hand-drawn animations, motion graphics, and footages. She also perform analogue visuals set with video synths and video mixer.

In her AV performances and narrative projects, she expresses socio/politics/psychological concerns and often collaborates with a producer/DJ or musician for the audio aspect.

She also creates music videos, visuals, graphic/motion design for artists and record labels.
With the covid pandemic, she’s been preparing visuals for music streaming events such as UKF, Lost Horizon festival, Eclipselunar, University of Tropical Sounds and also participated in events with live streaming visuals.

L’Aubaine was part of VJ London organisation team, from 2015 till 2020, where she organised many of the monthly meet-up & showcases. With VJ London they also organised bigger events (AV Depot, London Is Dead) with interactive installations, AV performances with artists based in the London area and international.


Koko electronic
Live visuals alongside Joseph Capriati, Kidoo, Lindsey Matthews
Koko Camden – 11 Nov 2023 (VJ job)

Machina Bristronica
Live visuals w/ hybrid analogue set up alongside Kai Campos live set
30 Sept 2023 / Bristol

Secret Garden Party – 2023
VJing / Live visuals on stage The Drop, electronic music.
Mathew Johnson, Blond:ish, Absolute, Samurai Breaks, Ben Gomori, Gerd Janson, and more

E1 X Volt – Live visuals alongside dj sets of Polanski, Somewhen, SNTS, Klangkuenstler
E1, London – www.e1ldn.co – 10 Feb 2023 (VJ job)

Lille VJ Fest
Fragments – AV performance
w/ dj set of Sybil
Cinema l’Univers, Lille – 17 Dec 2022

Festival Visual Brasil
Live visual set alongside dj set of Cherman
Barcelona – 30 Sept 2022

Boomtown – 2022
Live visuals + mapping alongside dj set Chaos in the CBD, Metropolis stage
and VJing at Origin stage

Glastonbury 2022
Live visuals + mapping – Multi-projection, one main screen + 8 verticals screens
alongside Goldie, Saoirse, Ali is Me b2b Ed Rockstar
Gas Tower / Shangri-la — glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

Prada Extends curated by Richie Hawtin
Live visuals alongside dj set of OK Williams
Tate Modern, London – 25 Nov 2021

Shambala festival 2019/2017/2016/2015/2013
Fulldome live visuals in Chromatouch dome
alongside Mr Switch and ADJ, Diarmo, Mix MasterMorris, and more
Live visuals on main stage and at Datamine

Junction 2 Launch Day
Live visuals + mapping
Using some bespoke content by Immersive.me and my content
alongside dj sets of Fort Romeau, Âme b2b Røhåd and Amelie Lens
Tobacco Dock, London – 29 Dec 2018

Fantoche, animation festival
Live visuals alongside SCOTU
Royal Fish – Baden/CH – 8 Sept 2018

Townlands Carnival
Live visuals and mapping on main stage and tent stage
alongside dj sets Kettama, Altern8, and more
Cork/Ireland, July 2018 – townlandscarnival.com

Splice Festival
Live AV, collaboration with Orka
Rich Mix, London, 11 May 2018 / splicefestival.com

Women and the Hall
Collaboration with Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra + special guests
Royal Albert Hall. London – 6 March 2018

Residency at Le Zoo – l’Usine / Geneva – 2016 to 2020
Live visuals, mapping and multi-projections on varied screen shapes

ZOO x Egyptian Lover – 28 Feb 2020
Live visuals alongside Egyptian Lover and more

Resonance – 10 March 2018
Live visuals alongside Claro Intelecto, Volruptus, Opuswerk, Weith

Electron festival – 3 May 2017
Live visuals for the Whities (now AD93) showcase alongside dj sets of Tasker, Forest Drive West,
Pearson Sound, NVST

Mission Rave – 2 Dec 2017
Live visuals alongside Strb, SHXCXCHCXSH, Bonnie

15 years of Critical Sounds – 9 June 2017
Live visuals alongside Driftwood and Ivy Lab

Bobby Tank Oxygen (Anthologie), EP Launch
label: Not Like That
Live visuals alongside live of Bobby Tank
Immersive projection on 4 walls
G05 / London – 2 Feb 2017

Blissfield festival – 2016/2015/2014/2013
Live AV collab with Diarmo and live visuals
Hampshire/UK – www.blissfields.co.uk/

Serum Light Festival
A Brighter Perspective – architectural mapping
Slovakia – 30 -31 Sept 2022

Weimar Loci Lab
Live mapping on Bauhaus museum
Weimar / Germany – 7-13 August 2017