Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace is a reflection on Life and Death, on Permanence and Impermanence.
The piece is composed of a video and three screenprinted still frames: Head of Vyšehrad, Angel, Russian Cemetery.

The images are from two cemeteries with different stories, different aspects and different feeling, the Soviet cemetery in Weimar, Germany and the Vyšehrad cemetery in Prague.
The first one was create to buried soviet soldiers during the second world war and the second is the place were artists, philosophers, writers are resting.
There’s also images of London, of life, people to complete the circle of Life & Death.

The video was made with a recorded set of live visuals.
Three chosen still frames from the video were screenprinted on A2 format at very limited edition of 3 prints for each images.

At London Is Dead, event organised by VJ London on 22 Oct. 2016.
I’ve chosen not to put sound on the video because it was presented in a room with other videos and full of people. I will probably had some sound for the next time that work will be presented.

Screenprinted Stills

Head of Vyšehrad


Russian Cemetary

In the Print Studio

First layer of Russian Cementary

Printing second layer of the three layers of Head of Vyšehrad

Two layers of Head of Vyšehrad

First layer of Angel

All printed of Angel drying on the rack.

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