MOROCCO – Live Cinema

Morocco is a narrative piece.

It’s a journey composed with impressions, memories, anecdotes from that beautiful country. It’s a also a journey through the music, the colours, the art, the people and the landscape.

The story is narrated live by using short clips which are a mix of hand-drawn anima-tions, pattern drawings, video and a little bit of text used for short dialogues.
The hypnotic rhythm of the music, the movement, and the moving patterns make the audience create their own journey.

It’s also a trip through music. It was presented with Visiting Cat, duo composed by producers Diarmo and High Pockets, performing live electronic with ethnic influence. Most of the time it’s presented with a recorded soundtrack, featuring one of the track of Visiting Cat, especially made for that project and also with tracks of electronic music with moroccan touch and gnawa music.

It opens a dialogue between culture differences and similarities, perception and experience. It’s also questions the notion of borders, limits and openness.

It uses analogue and digital techniques.
Analogue by hand drawing and travelling. Digital by putting all together, editing and performing.

It was presented for the first time in March 2015 with Visiting Cat doing a live soundtrack at iklectik in London, at Live Cinema event alongside the japanese duo Usaginingen.

Morocco was presented at:
Live cinema event, iklectik, London, Mars 2015
LPM Rome, May 2015
VJ London, June 2015
AV Depot, London, Dec 2015
Test Card, Manchester, Feb 2016
BYOB and AV performance, Birmingham, Feb 2016
Off Signal festival, Prague, Oct 2016
Presentation and performance, Ort University, Montevideo, March 2017


In this video, you’ll see all the original animations and drawings before I’ve decided to make a story out off this materials.

Photos by Andrew McKee taken at AV Depot / London. Dec 2015
with live music by Visiting Cat







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