Flexible, Responsible & Multi-task a work based on the concept of Liquid Modernity of Zygmunt Bauman.
Liquidity is a metaphor describing the post-modernity which is synonym of change, liberalization of the markets, deregulation, etc… Solids retain their shape and last in time meanwhile liquids are shapeless and transform constantly.

In a liquid society, unpredictable and constantly changing, the work has become uncertain, short-term and unreliable. We have to be flexible, individualistic and insensitive to change jobs, teams, projects without being too affected.

In a pragmatic and cold professional world, where everything is measured in cost and benefit, we are used and thrown away as spare parts. We have no more trust, loyalty and commitment to the employers.
Fragmented lives, fear, no long-term plans, we have no perspective in the future and we have lost ties with the community, traditions and solidarity.

It’s presented live with Diarmo playing live his tracks.

A first version of the work named “Flexible, responsable y nómada” (Flexible, responsible and nomad) was presented live @ Centro Civico Barceloneta, Barcelona/Spain for the opening of the exhibition “Nomadas del Siglo XXI:Realidades itinerantes de la metropolis”, the 25th of November 2010 with live music from Fernando Lagreca.

Photos by Piotr Nierobisz at LPM – Eindoven 2014











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