11.11 Fulldome movie

poster 11.11

Connecting, spinning, colliding, disappearing, 11.11 is a journey through an mysterious cosmic world.
It’s a conversation between form and infinite, darkness and colours, vortex and lightness.
11.11 is a start for an exploration in a journey beyond perceptions, transported by a beautiful uplifting global electronic track of Be Svendsen.

This movie was made with a recorded set of live visuals.
The narrative is fluid and built live by triggering clips, layering and compositing whilst following the music. There was many recorded attempts until getting a satisfying outcome. The result is not as perfect as an edited and planned ahead movie but that’s the beauty of it.

Track: Be Svendsen – Nabia, mixed by Miret

Was presented at:
Immersive Film Festival in Espinho/Portugal, the 2 Dec 17.

Electric Castle
Cluj, Romania – 2018

If you’d like to see the full movie, ask me for the password.



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